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Ornaments and sun-catchers are available in hundreds of designs and several different materials. Let us make a custom ornament or sun-catcher for your family or business.

Woods- Mesquite, Cypress, Cedar, Walnut, Birch , Pecan, and others

Plastics - Mirrored Acrylic (silver), Translucent Red, Green, and Blue - Coming Soon - 6 Colors of Corian      ** More Examples

* Magnets - All of the flat pieces can also be made in refridgerator magnets.

This ornmaent was made for a friend ahd his wife from Aromatic Cedar and Birch. (3.2 x 3.6)

Family photos make excellent ornaments like this one on mirrored acrylic.

This clear glass ornament was made with our rotary attachment to put names all around the ball. (2.5 dia)

These color full pieces are engraved and cut from 1/8 acrylic sheets. The mirrored acrylic also provides another unique look. All items can also be made as magnets.

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